Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Quick and Easy Quilted Wall Hangings

My sister is a quilter and makes the most gorgeous wall hanging quilts therefore I wanted to add a couple of quilts to her Nursery Room Box.  The thought of joined hundreds of tiny pieces of material together gave me the heebie-jeebies so I tried this quick and easy method. I'm not sure if it is totally legal but I am not planning on selling them or otherwise making money from them so I hope it is OK.  I looked on the internet images for baby quilts and found a few that I thought my sister would like so I copied and pasted them to Microsoft Publisher.  A Microsoft Word document would do just as well.  Here is the page that I saved......

A selection of four quilts which I figured Sue would like the best from the 100s on the internet.  These are placed on an A4 sheet and when printed out were the perfect size for 1/12th scale wallhangings.  Each one is roughly half of the width of A4 plus borders. This was not a particularly economical way of doing it because I can see that I could have got at least one more quilt on the page but I was raring to go.......

Once I was happy with the results, I printed the page out onto a sheet of fabric attached to paper (I bought a commercial packet of fabric sheets). Then I pulled the paper off the back and cut out the four quilt panels leaving a border around each one.    Here is the finished quilt ready to hang on the dolls house wall.

After I had completed the quilting around all of the lines (including the ark, water and palm trees), I hand-stitched a strip of striped border fabric along one side, cut back the excess fabric and wool felt to 2mm from the stitching line and turned the border fabric over to the back where I glued it down firmly leaving the small striped border at the front.  I worked on one side at a time, stitching, cutting off the excess, folding it over and glueing to the back.   It measures 4 inches or 10cm square and looks just like the real thing.

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