Saturday, 30 November 2013

Christmas Dining Room Box

A close-up photo of the Christmas tree with flashing lights and all the cards and presents made from the sheet of Christmas printies from DHEAustralia.  
Today, December 1st, I finished my Dining Room Box decorated for Christmas Dinner. The table is set and everything is ready for the family to come in, sit down and start celebrating.  The presents are piled under and around the Christmas tree and old Uncle Dave has come in early, dressed in his wonderful red Santa Claus suit and beard, all ready to start handing out the presents.  I had as much fun wrapping the mini-presents as I will have wrapping the real-life ones.  The mini-papers, Christmas cards and bunting flags all came from a fabulous sheet of Christmas Printies from Dolls House Emporium.   A lot of the furniture and the Christmas tree and lights also came from Dolls House Emporium. The rug on the floor was hand-made by my long-time friend, Jenni Kirkham and the carpet was bought to match the colour in the fact everything in the dining room was bought to match the rug even the blue and white china. I still need to add a light fitting and cornices around the ceiling but they can come later.....
This is the completed dining room with the presents piled up in front of the fireplace all ready for the family to open.  Santa Claus (aka old Uncle Dave) is surveying the scene.

Another view of the dining room showing the trifle and the Punch bowl on the sideboard. Old Uncle Dave looks as if he has already been sampling the punch!

Right-hand side of the dining room, showing the glass cabinet with my collection of miniature glassware.

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