Sunday, 3 November 2013

Pattern for the Striped quilts

These are crocheted in pastel 1 ply wools but crochet cotton size 14 or 20 would do as well with a 1.25mm hook (US size 10).  I used white plus five pastel colours. Starting with white thread,
1. Make a chain of 46 stitches. 
2. Work a single crochet into every chain.
 Don't cut off white thread, take it up the side of the work.
3. Join in a pastel colour and work a treble crochet into each stitch.  Work two chain to turn.
4. Repeat previous row. Cut thread leaving about 3 inches to use for sewing into the quilt later.
5. Work two rows of sngle crochet with the white again and leave attached on the side.
7. Repeat with another pastel thread working two more rows of trebles.
Alternate with the single crochet rows in white and the treble rows in pastel until the quilt is the desired length ending with a row of single crochet in white.
 Sew all the ends from the pastel threads and the starting thread  from the white thread into the quilt so that are secured and invisible.  Cut off the threads close to the quilt.

With the white thread, work a single crochet into every stitch across the previous row of white sc then down the first side working four stitches into the pastel treble stripes and two stitches into the white stripes. Continue across the other end working one stitch into each of the ones in the first row and the back up along the third side.
Work two more sngle crochet stitches into the two white ones at the end of the row to bring yourself to the corner of the quilt.
 Miss the first sc from the previous row and work five treble stitches into the next stitch.  Miss the next sc from the previous row and work a sc into the next stitch, creating a shell.  Repeat all the way around the quilt and end off with some secure stitches before weaving the tail of white thread into the work and cutting off the excess thread.

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