Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Nursery Change Table - after the DIY fix

I have finished adding bits and pieces to the change table in my sister's room box.  The cupboard is full of miniature towels and face-washers while the little basket on the shelf contains tiny plastic containers of baby items.

This almost ended up as a tragedy because it arrived in the post from England smashed and in a real mess.  It wasn't the fault of the seller because she had packed it securely in it's original box and then in an outer box containing shredded paper.  It looked as if the postal service either here in Australia or in UK had dropped something heavy on it. Unfortunately the seller didn't have another one so she refunded my money but seeing as I really wanted a change table it took a lot of time and patience to get it anywhere near to how it was on ebay. It looks OK and will be against the back wall so Sue won't notice the glued joins (I hope).

These are the outer and inner boxes showing where something heavy had been dropped or pressed against them during transit.  The photo above that shows the condition of the change table when I unpacked it.

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