Monday, 4 November 2013

Gathered Knitting Stitch.........Plain and Purl only........Easy!!

This is the pattern I used to knit the two quilts for the cradle and the larger experimental one.  It came from a book published in 1984 called "Knitting Encyclopedia 1500 patterns" by Mon Tricot.  I have never seen it before and it was soooooooo easy!!  I used 1 ply wool and the finest needles that I could find but 3ply baby wool would be OK so long as one set of needles used were two or three sizes larger than the other set.

For the tiny quilt I just worked the basic pattern, crocheted a shell edge around the four sides and added some tiny pink bows.  For the larger quilt I made the actual quilt in plain white then worked an edging of single crochet stitches around all four sides in yellow then another row in pink. Finally I crocheted a frill around the edge made up of three treble crochet stitches into every pink single crochet stitch.  Then to finish it off, I stitched a row of pink stem-stitch along the bottom edge of every plain stripe of knitting and a row of yellow thread along the top edge.

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