Thursday, 24 April 2014

More on the Pedlar/Peddler Doll

I have been a bit way-laid with my peddler doll but here she is wearing her apron and carrying her empty tray.  Now the fun part begins.........filling the tray with goodies for her to sell.  Then she needs a bonnet and finally a long cape with a hood.  Then, she will go on eBay where hopefully a doll collector will see her and want her for their collection of character dolls.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Peddler or Pedlar Doll - Edwardian blouse and skirt

It has taken me days to cut and sew the Edwardian blouse which I copied from a catalogue of womens' clothing from 1900 so I guess that sets the time-frame for my doll.  Her blouse is made from a vintage ladies blouse which I bought from a charity shop and which was all machine pin-tucked with matching white trim and edging.  I unpicked every bit of lace, trim and the fabric shapes and then started again, cutting and matching the pintucks so the doll's blouse looked just like the ones in the catalogue.  Here she is in her blouse which is flared out like a smock top and below, she is shown wearing her skirt which is a simple gathered skirt covering the full-length petticoat.  Both the blouse and skirt are entirely hand stitched which I am finding very relaxing and it is something that I can do sitting on the bed while keeping my husband, who is not very well, company. The next step will be making her print apron and shawl.  Or maybe she won't have a shawl, I might make her a coat and bonnet or a full length cape with a hood. 

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Large Peddler doll. Second stage - Petticoat

Here is a photo of my peddler doll wearing her full-length underskirt or petticoat.  The petticoat is actually part of the bottom panel of a real Edwardian petticoat with early machine made Broderie Anglaise lace and rows of tiny pin tucks which were sewn by a treadle sewing machine using tiny, tiny stitches.  So far, these rows of pin tucks are the only machine sewing in the doll's clothing as I want to do everything by hand to make it authentic.

Large Peddler or Pedlar Doll

I made this doll in a porcelain doll making class about 15 years ago but what I wanted was a big Parian-type doll and what I got was a flesh coloured doll with a Parian-type face and hairdo.  I asked for the doll to be cast in white porcelain like Parians but the lady running the class said that the mold was "Mother Christmas" and had to be in flesh colour.  Needless to say, the doll got shoved in a cupboard and totally forgotten about until now. I think if I take it slowly, she will make a really great Peddler doll with a tray of goodies just like my little one has only larger.  I will dress her by hand, using antique fabrics where possible so she will look like an authentic old peddler.   She measures 20 inches in height although her body proportions are all over the place in comparison.  I will blog her progress from her underwear, petticoat, blouse and skirt and bonnet, shawl, apron and cape - and then I will make the tray and fill it with items for her to sell.  This could be a work in progress for some time!

Anyway, here she is in her underwear - drawers and a camisole top.  The long pants or drawers were made from new cotton material with vintage broderie anglaise lace around the bottom of the legs. The camisole, however, is made from remnants of a Victorian or Edwardian christening gown. The poor christening dress was in such an awful condition that I was only able to salvage a few serviceable pieces of fabric from piece was big enough to make the camisole top for the peddler (not that you will be able to see it once she is dressed!).  Her clothes will not be removable but at least I know that under her blouse and skirt will be very lady-like undies.  

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Baby Born size dolls clothes

My granddaughter started me off sewing for a Baby Born size doll.  These are some of the outfits which I have made for this doll which is a great shape to design for.  I have only posted some of my favourites, some of which got sold on eBay, some finished up in my granddaughter's dolls wardrobe and some got given away.
Christening outfit consisting of pants, long underskirt, dress and bonnet


  I copied this little outfit from a vintage 1950s romper suit with a matching bonnet and towelling robe to go over the top. I loved how the frilly bottom turned out.

This was made when no self-respecting baby missed out on a baby animal suit of some kind to keep them warm. This baby wears a bunny suit and carried a toy rabbit.

This nightgown and hat was made from fine stretch fabric which was so soft to was beautiful fabric and unfortunately I have never been able to get any more.  It was a joy to smock.

   This outfit came with a matching Mini-Baby Born in a matching outfit to the full-size doll.  Cute. 

Barbie Doll Outfits from 2005-2006

During my doll dressing period, I also made lots of clothes for Barbie dolls......I don't know why I stopped but here are some of the outfit which I made and which were sold on eBay.  I will only show a few as there were way too many to post here.  These are my favourites.



Clothes for Vogue Ginny

A few years ago, I went through a stage of making dolls clothes and selling them on are a few photos of clothes that I made for Vogue Ginny who is also about 7 inches tall.  My model Ginny is a vintage walker with legs jointed at the knees. I have been browsing some of my old photo files and thought I would post photos of some of the outfits which I made back in 2006.......gosh, eight years ago now.  I wonder how they have fared over time?? I must admit that I loved making tiny smocked dresses for her, she has a proper shape for a young child.  One day I might get back into making clothes for Ginny as it was fun dressing this little girl.

Sorry about the photos - I wanted them in groups of three but they had other ideas......!!  Actually the best way to see the photos close up is to double click on any one of the photos and then just check them out along the row, one by one.