Thursday, 20 February 2014

Large Peddler or Pedlar Doll

I made this doll in a porcelain doll making class about 15 years ago but what I wanted was a big Parian-type doll and what I got was a flesh coloured doll with a Parian-type face and hairdo.  I asked for the doll to be cast in white porcelain like Parians but the lady running the class said that the mold was "Mother Christmas" and had to be in flesh colour.  Needless to say, the doll got shoved in a cupboard and totally forgotten about until now. I think if I take it slowly, she will make a really great Peddler doll with a tray of goodies just like my little one has only larger.  I will dress her by hand, using antique fabrics where possible so she will look like an authentic old peddler.   She measures 20 inches in height although her body proportions are all over the place in comparison.  I will blog her progress from her underwear, petticoat, blouse and skirt and bonnet, shawl, apron and cape - and then I will make the tray and fill it with items for her to sell.  This could be a work in progress for some time!

Anyway, here she is in her underwear - drawers and a camisole top.  The long pants or drawers were made from new cotton material with vintage broderie anglaise lace around the bottom of the legs. The camisole, however, is made from remnants of a Victorian or Edwardian christening gown. The poor christening dress was in such an awful condition that I was only able to salvage a few serviceable pieces of fabric from piece was big enough to make the camisole top for the peddler (not that you will be able to see it once she is dressed!).  Her clothes will not be removable but at least I know that under her blouse and skirt will be very lady-like undies.  

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