Thursday, 6 February 2014

Welsh Costume revamp for Pedigree Delite doll

Here is another revamp that I did today.  I have had this little naked doll who has lost two fingers on one hand for quite a while now.  She was desperately in need of some clothes though. Last week I discovered a terrible souvenir doll whose eyes had fallen into its head our local charity shop and bought her because I thought that she was about the same height as the Pedigree Delite 7inch dolls.  I unpicked the clothes which the little sign informed me was "Genuine Welsh Flannel" and found that the bodice was way too narrow and besides it was frayed and grubby.  I made a new bodice from thin white felt, let out the gathering on the woolen skirt and attached them together at the waist.  The shawl is exactly as it was from the other doll and the hat with the stained vintage lace was also left in its original state as I didn't want my doll to look too modern and fresh and new.  I still wanted the 1950s vintage look and here she is now.

Front and back views. I am going to look for a miniature Daffodil for her to hold in her hand with the missing fingers.

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