Sunday, 9 February 2014

Clothes for Vogue Ginny

A few years ago, I went through a stage of making dolls clothes and selling them on are a few photos of clothes that I made for Vogue Ginny who is also about 7 inches tall.  My model Ginny is a vintage walker with legs jointed at the knees. I have been browsing some of my old photo files and thought I would post photos of some of the outfits which I made back in 2006.......gosh, eight years ago now.  I wonder how they have fared over time?? I must admit that I loved making tiny smocked dresses for her, she has a proper shape for a young child.  One day I might get back into making clothes for Ginny as it was fun dressing this little girl.

Sorry about the photos - I wanted them in groups of three but they had other ideas......!!  Actually the best way to see the photos close up is to double click on any one of the photos and then just check them out along the row, one by one.










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