Sunday, 9 February 2014

Baby Born size dolls clothes

My granddaughter started me off sewing for a Baby Born size doll.  These are some of the outfits which I have made for this doll which is a great shape to design for.  I have only posted some of my favourites, some of which got sold on eBay, some finished up in my granddaughter's dolls wardrobe and some got given away.
Christening outfit consisting of pants, long underskirt, dress and bonnet


  I copied this little outfit from a vintage 1950s romper suit with a matching bonnet and towelling robe to go over the top. I loved how the frilly bottom turned out.

This was made when no self-respecting baby missed out on a baby animal suit of some kind to keep them warm. This baby wears a bunny suit and carried a toy rabbit.

This nightgown and hat was made from fine stretch fabric which was so soft to was beautiful fabric and unfortunately I have never been able to get any more.  It was a joy to smock.

   This outfit came with a matching Mini-Baby Born in a matching outfit to the full-size doll.  Cute. 

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