Saturday, 1 March 2014

Peddler or Pedlar Doll - Edwardian blouse and skirt

It has taken me days to cut and sew the Edwardian blouse which I copied from a catalogue of womens' clothing from 1900 so I guess that sets the time-frame for my doll.  Her blouse is made from a vintage ladies blouse which I bought from a charity shop and which was all machine pin-tucked with matching white trim and edging.  I unpicked every bit of lace, trim and the fabric shapes and then started again, cutting and matching the pintucks so the doll's blouse looked just like the ones in the catalogue.  Here she is in her blouse which is flared out like a smock top and below, she is shown wearing her skirt which is a simple gathered skirt covering the full-length petticoat.  Both the blouse and skirt are entirely hand stitched which I am finding very relaxing and it is something that I can do sitting on the bed while keeping my husband, who is not very well, company. The next step will be making her print apron and shawl.  Or maybe she won't have a shawl, I might make her a coat and bonnet or a full length cape with a hood. 

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