Friday, 1 November 2013

Nursery Room Box for my Sister

This is the empty Nursery room box which I am making for my sister for her combined birthday and Christmas presents.  During 2013, her son and daughter-in-law presented her with identical twin girls and later on her daughter and son-in-law had a third child, another girl.  So this year my sister has gone from two grandchildren (a boy aged 6 and a girl aged 3 1/2) to having five grandchildren.  Because she is retiring to a country town in 2014 and won't be seeing so much of her littlies, I thought I would make her the room-box  to play with.
The Nursery is very pale and pastel at the moment with curtains made from very vintage Swiss voile trimmed with a miniature trim in ivory.  The fantastic windows came from The Dollhouse and Miniature Shop maintained by "dollhousebytherobinsnest" who sell the flat-backed windows on ebay especially for room boxes.  The images behind the windows were cut from a calendar of English village scenes and I managed to get both images from one page on the calendar which means that the view flows from one window across to the other. 

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