Sunday, 3 November 2013

Christmas Tree or Fun with the Bead box

I have spent a couple of lovely hours raiding my box of broken jewellery and loose beads from unpicked necklaces and making ornaments and baubles for the dolls house Christmas Tree.  I wired them onto four strings of metal beading then wound them around the tree so that it is like our real size one - dripping in baubles, tinsel and lights.  When I make my dining room box, it is going to be set for Christmas dinner which gives me the excuse to indulge in the best crockery, cutlery and accessories like crackers and napkins with tiny napkin rings, yummy Christmas food and the very best embroidered table cloth to show-case it all.  What tablecloth?  I haven't even thought of that yet....... not to worry, here is the tree finished albeit a bit lop-sided where I pressed it into the corner of the dining-room to see how it would look. So now for the presents to wrap in mini Christmas paper and bows.

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