Friday, 1 November 2013

The Nanny in the Nursery - or maybe the Granny?

Naturally with five children to look after, the lady of the house needed a Nanny to care for them all.  I wanted an older lady with grey or white hair and found this one on ebay as part of a family set.
As usual the doll was dressed in an "Edwardian" dress which was glued to her body with a ruffle of black nylon lace around her neck.  While I liked her face and was happy with her hair-do (there was not much I could do about the hair-do anyway - it was too high to put a hat on her head), she wasn't the type of older lady that I wanted.  I wanted someone more homely, not someone who was about to go out the door to visit friends.

Here she is again........this time with long pants, petticoat, blouse, skirt and shawl looking much more like the Nanny or Granny that I was looking for.  The blouse was made from a length of broderie anglaise insertion lace while the shawl was crocheted. She is sitting in her rocking chair and is all ready to hold the baby.

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