Sunday, 3 November 2013

Components of the Nursery Room Box

Because this room box specifically celebrates the birth of my sister's three grandchildren who were all born in 2013, everything is geared towards the twins who were born at the end of May to her son and dau-in-law and the little girl born in September to her daughter and son-in-law.  By Christmas, I want every drawer and every cupboard filled with goodies for the babies even though no-one will be able to see them unless they either pull out the drawers or open the cupboards.

So here are some of the completed items of furniture which have been finished off with sheets, towels, blankets and quilts not to mention the babies who all have either knitted or crocheted clothes.

These chests of drawers both have the same contents in the drawers, ie. a pair of white towels in the first, a blanket in the second, a pair of coloured sheets in the third and a baby album, metal bootees and a dummy in the fourth.  Behind them is a 4"x6" photo printout of lots of photos of the twins (two copies of each) for me to cut out and glue in the Baby Albums.

These are the twin dolls in their cradles.  Each cradle has a fitted bottom sheet, top sheet, pillow with a pillowcase and a crocheted striped quilt.  Pictured on the flat quilt is the twin in the yellow crocheted dress which, unfortunately I didn't write down the pattern for as I went along.....sorry.

This is the baby's cradle which is smaller than the others.  It has the fitted bottom sheet, top sheet, embroidery pillow and a knitted quilt.  I loved this knitting pattern so much that I made another, bigger quilt with a frill around the edge. The other quilt underneath is a crocheted one in white with a pink thread woven in and out of the treble crochet.

Finally the toy-boxes.  Each box contains an assortment of toys which are glued in place so they are not removable. The twins will have the dark stained toy-boxes while the baby will have the white/yellow one.

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