Sunday, 5 January 2014

Pedigree Delite Dutch Girl and Irish Kathleen

This is my UFO which I completed on Jan 4th.  According to the 1953 catalogue she is Kathleen whom I presume is meant to represent Ireland.  This time I was able to salvage her original green skirt with the white pleated ribbon underskirt but the rest of the outfit is a straight out reproduction copy of the original. This doll came in several different colourways, I have seen photos of her wearing a pink skirt, a blue skirt and a brown skirt.

The next day 5th Jan I finished this little one.  A Pedigree Delite doll dressed as a Dutch Girl.  This is the doll as I got her from ebay.  She was dressed in this rather hip little blue felt dress trimmed with tiny white daisies.  However, two days ago, the elastic holding her arms in place perished and her arms fell off.  As I was changing the elastic band for a new one I noticed that on her back was the residue from (a) darker blue felt and (b) traces of red and white stripes.  I looked at my list and at the catalogue and found out that my ordinary little girl was originally a Dutch Girl.  Here she is before I started.

 And here she is now next to the picture in the 1953 catalogue.  The colours are exactly the same as two other Dutch Girls which I have seen on the internet although I think the size of my blue and white checks is closer to the ones in the original catalogue.

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