Friday, 12 February 2016

American Girl Dolls - Josefina

I have finally discovered "American Girl Dolls" and I bought a second-hand doll called Josefina who will be my model for all the smocked and other clothes that I intend to make for her sized doll. I hope that they will appeal to collectors of these dolls.  My sister Sue also loves these dolls and has just bought Samantha and her best friend Nellie.  Talk about exciting stuff for two grandmothers who have no intention of sharing them with the grandchildren!!
Fortunately our parents brought us up to always have "fun" in our creative pursuits and that includes playing with our dolls and making lovely outfits for them to wear.  These are the outfits that I have made in the month or so that Josefina has been mine.  Click on each photo to view it properly and close-up.

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