Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Pedlar or Peddler Doll Finished

Well, after 28 years I have finally finished my pedlar or peddler doll - both spellings are correct.  Once I got started on the tray full of goodies, I spent about 20 hours sewing, crocheting, tatting, beading and knitting her wares Her tray is laden down with stock to sell but she still turns around to the tune of  'Hello Dolly'.despite the weight on the front.  I should have written down everything as I made it or found it in my miniature stash because now I can hardly pick out one item from another.

  The hand-made items were:
3 crocheted and beaded jug covers.
1 tatted doily
1 embroidered pincushion
3 yellow wash cloths with red blanket stitched border
1 knitted dish cloth
4 lace Lavender bags filled with real Lavender
1 box of tiny soaps
2 boxes of mini buttons on cards
2 fans
12 teeny "Abel Morrell" needle packets
4 necklaces
2 pendants on chains
10 perfume bottles or cream jars
A box of hand-wound threads on cards
Two framed floral pictures on a hanging ribbon
2 feather dusters

All the rest of the items are commercial such as the scissors, baskets, cotton reels, cooking trays, sparkly necklaces, cameos, books, plates, candles and the mirror, brush and comb set.  I have a tremendous sense of satisfaction right now as this was one UFO which has been waiting and waiting to be completed.  I love her and she will have pride of place in my china cabinet.

Here is the peddler doll next to a normal dolls house doll to compare the size.  The doll on the left is 5 1/2 inches tall while the peddler is 7 1/2 inches tall.

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