Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmas Tree Skirt

I thought my Christmas Tree looked a little bit strange sitting straight onto the carpet - it needed a skirt around it.  I cut out a circular one from Christmas patchwork fabric but it looked odd because the pattern went all one way, it didn't come out from the centre of the circle to the edge.  So, the only way to get an authentic looking skirt was to make it in the same authentic way by which real size patchwork ones are made. As I cut and stitched and glued the pieces together, I kept hopping across to the sidebar, writing up the tutorial at the same time so I wouldn't forget what and how and why I did things in a particular way.
Check out the tutorial under my list.
BTW the patch on the wall next to the cupboard is a reflection from the mirror on the side wall of the room box - you can just see the frame on the left side of the photo. It looks as if I've had a go at stripping the wallpaper.  It is fine in the flesh!

I think that corner looks complete now, the tree and presents are sitting on a Christmas tree skirt.  An added advantage of the skirt is that when small pieces of  "snow" or glitter fall off the tree, they now land on the skirt and not on the carpet.  Well, that's the theory anyway.

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